Southern Valley Golf Club

Obtaining A Handicap

Obtaining a valid handicap is now easier than ever and is a great way for you to keep an up to date and accurate handicap giving you a more realistic reflection of your current playing ability.

Submitting Your Scorecards

Your initial handicap will be awarded once you have handed in cards totalling 54 holes to the pro shop. The 54 holes can be made up of any combination of 9 or 18 hole rounds. You must indicate on your scorecards what tees you've played from and be counter signed by another member. As you currently do not have a handicap, there is no need to record any stableford points, simply the strokes.

For the purposes of your initial handicap, you must enter a stroke count for every hole. Returning an incomplete scorecard will void the entire round and you will be asked to resubmit another scorecard.

Obtaining Your Handicap.

Once we have submitted all of your scorecards, England Golf will automatically generate a handicap within 24 hours.

Generally handicaps are updated by 05:30am the following morning. Sometimes there are issues with the World Handicap System linking with our system where we have to manually update your details. If this happens, please inform the pro shop who will be able to do this for you.

Using Your Handicap

Now that you have your handicap, you will now be able to use the IntelligentGolf or EnglandGolf app on your smartphone. The IntelligentGolf app can be used for submitting General Play Scorecards as well as tracking your playing progress, entering into competitions, checking news and updates, checking your bar account balance and transactions etc. The EnglandGolf app is purely for submitting scorecards and tracking your playing progress.

To register on the EnglandGolf app, you will need your CDH lifetime ID. The CDH number will only be generated once you have a valid handicap. You can obtain your CDH number, you should first log in using your login details that we gave you when you first joined the golf club, then go to My Golf > My Rounds > CDH Lifetime ID will display at the top of the page.

If you would like to submit a General Play Handicap for handicap purposes you must register your intent to play golf through either one of these apps or through the touchscreen computer in the Spike Bar, prior to commencing play. You must indicate whether you're playing an 18 hole (Course: Southern Valley) or 9 hole (Course: Southern Valley Front 9 / Southern Valley Back 9) round, what tees you're playing from and what format you are using to score (Medal or stableford).

Please note that junior male golfers are no longer able to play from the red tees for the purposes of handicap consideration, handicap updates or club competitions, they must play from the yellow or white tees. This is a ruling directly from EnglandGolf, the red tees are for use by ladies only.

You should take note of your Handicap Index and use the Slope Panels either on the notice boards or on the approach to the first tee to calculate your Course Handicap for the day. There are now new parameteres in calculating your Course Handicap than what has been used in previous years so it is essential that you check this.

When you have completed your round, it is now time to enter your scores. If you're using the IntelligentGolf app or the computer in the Spike Bar, you must enter your scores and submit your scorecard into the ballot box. This is so that the Pro Shop can verify your scores. Once the scores have been verified they will be updated like mention above the following morning by EnglandGolf.

If you're using the EnglandGolf app, you should already have had to confirm an attester for your round. Once your scores have been entered, you must both attest each others rounds and confirm your scores. Once this has been done, the scorecard can then be discarded, there is no need for this to be submitted to the ballot box as your playing parter has affirmed your round and scores.


If you decide to play in club competitions, your handicap will generally be calculated at 95 percent. Your handicap should have already been automatically generated for you, however if you're unsure on what handicap you should be using then do not hesitate to ask a member of proshop staff who will be able to further assist you.

It is unnecessary in a Stableford competition for you to calculate the points scored. Often times people will make mistakes when it comes to scoring due to the fact that a 95 percent handicap is being used. The system will automatically work out the points based on your strokes recorded. If you are sure that no points can be scored then there is no need to return a score, the proshop will enter a stroke count of 0 and no points will be awarded.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact the Pro Shop who will be able to further assist you.

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