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WHS Handicaps

The World Handicap System was introduced in November 2020 is a system that means you're now able to take your handicap with you, world wide. Its aim is to make the game fairer for everyone.

Firstly, it is normal for your handicap to fluctuate, sometimes drastically, until you have 20 scorecards in the system. Your initial three scorecards which were used for your initial handicap will be counted towards these first 20 scorecards.

Once you have 20 scorecards in the system, the WHS will then base your handicap on your best 8 rounds of the last 20. This will continue to change and update as you add more and more rounds to the system.

Your handicap is not calculated solely by your gross score. Your handicap is calculated based on an average of your 'Score Diff / Score Differential'. 

Calculating Your Score Differential

The Score Differential is based on the following equation.  (Adjusted Gross - Course Rating) x (113/Slope Rating) = Score Differential

For example:
Adjusted Gross = 85
Course Rating = 67.3
Slope Rating = 116
Tees = Yellow

(85-67.3 = 17.7) x (113/116 = 0.974) = 17.2
x (0.974) = 17.2

Understanding Your Scores

Until you have submitted 20 scorecards into the system, the WHS will calculate your handicap slightly differently that it would once you reach there. More information on this can be found online.

It is an average of the best 8 Score Differentials that will make up your handicap, not an average of the best gross scores. This is why sometimes it can look like the system is using 8 random scorecards to calculate your handicap, howeer when you look closely you will be able to see that it is infact taking the best 8 score differentials. Your score differential will be calculated differently every time as your handicap will be adjusted after every round.

The system will also take in to consideration the playing conditions on the day, this is called a daily statistical procedure. This is done automatically and any adjustments made will be shown along side your scoreing details.

Once you have entered 20 scorecards, your Low Index will become active. A low index is the lowest Score Differential within the last 365 days of the day that you're playing.

To stop people abusing the system, WHS have implemented a cap system. A soft cap and a hard cap, they are to limit peoples handicap going up significantly within a rolling 365 day period.

Soft Cap - Is activated when a new calculated handicap is more than three strokes above a players low index within the last 365 days, the increase is suppressed so only half of any rise above three strokes is applied.

Hard Cap - Is activated when a player goes more than 5 shots above their low index within the 365 day period. Meaning no matter how many half strokes are applied within the soft cap paramaters, the maximium strokes anyones handicap can go up within any 365 day period is 5 strokes.

If anyone has any questions or queries with regards to their handicap or either of the cap limitations, or would like further clarification, please speak to a member of the proshop who will be able to discuss this further with you.

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